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澳门威尼克斯人网站 Telecom Academy2023-2024 In the first semester of the academic year, a retired undergraduate student intends to receive the list of undergraduate transfer professional list

Release Date:2023-10-18

According to《 Measures for the 澳门威尼克斯人网站implementation of undergraduates from Tianjin University of Science and Technology》(18626-18630[2020]14 No.) File spirit, Registration for students, Transfer to college、 Audit of the Academic Affairs Office, Organization interviews for the Telecommunications College, Publicly announced the list of students who intend to transfer to the Telecom Academy( See the attachment)。 The publicity period is3 Day,18753-187542023 year10 month18 Day to2023 year10 month20 Day, If the list has objections during the publicity period, Please contact the Office of the Telecommunications Academy。

Contact number:60600774

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