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澳门威尼克斯人网站 The Reception of the School of Electronic Information and Automation of Tianjin University of Science and Technology2024 Measures for the work of undergraduate exemption

Release Date:2023-09-26

According to the school work arrangement, Our hospital in2023 Year9 month28 Day to10 month15 Received the day2024 Excellent graduates of the excellent graduates from trials for master's degree graduate work, The major of the receiving exemption is“ Control science and engineering” and“ Instrument Science and Technology” Professional。 The specific requirements are as follows。

澳门威尼克斯人网站 a、 Application condition

1. The applicant supports the party's route、 policy、 Policy, Clear learning goals, Honest and trustworthy, Compliance with the law, Excellence of Pinxing, Never received any disciplinary punishment during school。

2. The applicant must be a national undergraduate graduate with a national recognition of 澳门威尼克斯人网站the country with a recommended degree of test exemption, and get a recommended test exemption qualification for the school where you are attending the school。

3. Strong academic research interest, Have a strong analysis problem、 Solve the ability and practical innovation ability。

4. Applicants must physical and mental health, Consistent Standards for Admissions Examination for Admissions in the Ministry of Education。

2、 Working process

1. Applicator( including the 澳门威尼克斯人网站school and foreign schools) Must be at the Ministry of Education“ The National Recommended Outstanding Fresh Graduate Graduate Free Trial Graduate Information Disclosure and Management Service System”( The following abbreviation“ Exempting Service System”, URL: After opening( For specific arrangements, please follow at any time“ Exempting Service System” Announcement,9 month29 Daily Report Name Function) Apply for related majors in our school。 Our school chooses preferred extraction, Until the amount is full, and pass“ Exempting Service System” Send a re-examination notice to the qualified candidates。

2. Applicator( including the school and foreign schools) Through“ Exempting Service System” Renewal notification and participate in the re-examination。

Re-test must provide materials:

1) 21132-21137《21138-211462024 Recommended Master of Graduate Graduate Application Form》( The following abbreviation“21196-21199”),21202-212051( Applicants who have submitted the application information through the master's degree from our school can log in to the master's degree and remove the registration system)。

2) Bachelor's academic transcript, It is required to stamped with the school's official office or college official seal( Original Red Chapter)。

3) English Level Certificate( copy) or transcript( Original with the official seal) and other related scientific research results、 Award certificate( copy) et al., Original check-in。

4)   ID card、 One copy of the student certificate, Original check-in。

The college will review all paper materials submitted by the applicant。 All materials submitted by the applicant must ensure true and accurate, If you make a fake, Once discovered, Immediately cancel its admission qualification, All application materials, 澳门威尼克斯人网站please deposit your own bottom, No more refundable after submission。

3. Exemption from receiving admission re-examination requirements

1) Re-test form

According to the actual situation, Our hospital adopts on-site re-examination or network remote re-examination method to organize re-examination, Specific retesting method and retest time will be notified separately。

2) Re-test content

Re-examination content is formulated by the college combined with the characteristics of disciplines and talent selection, Mainly examine student morals、 Zhi、 Body、 Mei、 Labor and other comprehensive quality, Focus on examining students' ideological and political quality and moral quality assessment and the potential of scientific research innovation、 Professional ability。 Re-test full score100 points。


All candidates who have been received by the Telecommunications Academy after re-examination, The school will pass through the Ministry of Education“ Exempting Service System” Published a notification to be admitted, After the candidate received the notice of admission, It must be passed within the specified time“ Exempting Serv澳门威尼克斯人网站ice System” Confirmation admission, Otherwise, it is deemed to be abandoned。

Recommended graduate students no longer take the unified exam, Unified inspection after enrollment。 Admission notice is issued by the Graduate School with the National Unified Examination Master Graduate Admission Notice。

4、 Other

1. Candidates who have not obtained exemptions do not accept their application。

2. Applicants with unqualified ideological and moral assessment will not be admitted。

3. Applicants who have not been exempted from receiving re-examination or failure to re-examination will not be admitted。

4. I have not obtained a undergraduate diploma and a bachelor's degree before the enrollment report, or punished, or the physical examination is unqualified, Cancel the admission qualification。

5. Students who fake them during the exemption process, Once discovered, Cancel its re-examination qualification, Cancel the admission qualification and student status for the admitter。

6. According to the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education, Exempt from being received by our school, Do not sign up to participate in the Master's Graduate Exam Enrollmen澳门威尼克斯人网站t, Otherwise, cancel its exemption qualification。

Tianjin University of Science and Technology will publicize the list of exemptions to be admitted10 working days, If there is any objection during the publicity period, It is real, will cancel the admission qualification。 Report phone:022-60600124。 Report

5、 Contact information

Contact number:022-60600776

Contact address: Tianjin Hexi District Dagu South Road1038 No. 1 Tianjin University of Science and Technology16 Building205

School of Electronic Information and Automation

2023 Year9 month25 Day

Annex1:21138-211462024 Recommended Master of Graduate Graduate Application Form