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澳门威尼克斯人网站 Recommended excellent graduates of the School of Electronic Information and Automation Details of the implementation of graduate work for free trials

Release Date:2023-09-16

Chapter 1 General Principles

The first article Recommended excellent undergraduate graduates from trials for graduate school( The following referred to as exemption) It is an important part of the graduate multiple enrollment system, is to strengthen the selection of top-tip innovative talents, Important measures to improve the quality of graduate enrollment, Also promoting and motivating undergraduate students to study hard、 Effective mechanism of comprehensive development。 Basis《 Notice of further standardization and strengthening the recommendation of excellent graduates from fresh gradua澳门威尼克斯人网站tes from studying for graduate work》( Teaching Hall[2020]12 No.)、《 Notice of further improvement of excellent graduates from fresh graduates from graduating from graduate students》( Teaching Hall[2014]5 No.)、《 Recommended outstanding undergraduate graduates from ordinary colleges and universities nationwide( Trial)( Teaching[2006]14 No.) and《 Tianjin University of Science and Technology recommends outstanding graduates from fresh graduates from trying to study for graduate students( Trial)》 and other file spirit, Combined with the actual situation of the college, Special formulation of the implementation rules for the implementation of this year's exemption。

Two Demonstration referred to in this rules, refers to selected and recommended by our school, No need to take the preliminary examination of the National Master's Graduate Admissions Exam, Our outstanding graduate graduate of the graduate re-examination process of the graduate re-examination of the enrollment unit。

Article 3 Exemption work Insist on fairness、 Justice、 Public principles, Follow the specification、 Transparent recommendation process。 Adhere to the 澳门威尼克斯人网站full measurement of morality, intellectual, physical, beautiful and labor, Taking virtue as the first, Recommendation for selecting Young, Those who are not qualified for ideological and moral assessment are not recommended。

Chapter 2 Organization leaders

Article 4 The School of Electronic Information and Automation Establish Exemption Work Leading Group。 The college was established with the party committee secretary and dean as the team leader, Leaders in charge of undergraduate teaching and student work are deputy team leaders, Including representatives of members of the Academy Academic Committee、 The college, including the representative of the graduate mentor, exempts the student selection work group, Member9 People。 The secretary is responsible for the removal of the teaching secretary and counselor composition。

Article 5 Exempting work Leading Group Responsible for the implementation of the exemption of the college, Implementing collective discussions and collective decision-making systems、 Review and vote for the exemption list, At the same time, responsible for dealing with the question and appeal of the 澳门威尼克斯人网站applicant during the recommendation process。

Article 6 Exempting work is supervised by the disciplinary inspection and supervision department。 The Discipline Inspection Commission of the College conducts full supervision of the college's exemption work。

Article 7 Exempting work execution avoidance system。 Exempt the relevant staff with close relatives or have other relationships with it, Related personnel who may affect the exemption of justice and other people to participate in the invoicing of the unit should take the initiative to avoid, There are non-direct relatives and other relatives to register to participate in exempting enrollment.。 Related students should also take the initiative to report to the college and school when applying for exemption。 Relevant staff who exempt the relationship that have not been reported in accordance with the regulations, The school is seriously dealt with in accordance with the rules and regulations; Students who have not reported the relationship and the exemption process and the results of the results of the exemption process and the results of the exemption process are not reported in acc澳门威尼克斯人网站ordance with the regulations, Cancel it for exemption。

Chapter 3 Recommended conditions

Article 8 Selection Recommended Conditions

(21190-21191) Love the motherland, Leaders who support the Communist Party of China, Support the socialist system, Strong sense of social responsibility, Compliance with the law, No illegal and disciplinary records, Care collective, Dear Division, Unity classmates, Have good ideological and political awareness、 Moral quality and behavioral habits;

( 2) Clear learning purpose, Learning style, Honest and trustworthy, No test violations of discipline or cheating punishment, No academic behavior such as plagiarism and other people's academic achievements:

( 3) Master the professional knowledge of the solid basic theory and system of this subject, The ability to analyze and solve problems with strong analysis, With strong innovation potential and innovative ability;

( 4) The health status of the applicant should meet the recruitment medical examination standards stipulated by the Ministry of Education;

( 5) Requirements for the ranking point: Average scientific performance point ranking ran澳门威尼克斯人网站ks first in this major30%;

( 6) Except the above conditions, Recommended conditions for the Graduate Branch Church to perform according to relevant documents。

Chapter 4 Selection and reward of special academic expertise students

Article 9 Conditions for students with special academic expertise

With the recommendation of the recommendation of exemption, Student's undergraduate stage with Tianjin University of Science and Technology as the first signature unit, In the core journal of Peking University,澳门威尼克斯人网站 Independent Author Published scientific research papers related to studies, or as First person in charge Participate in the National Finals of the Authoritative Scientific Research Competition related to studies and win the third prize and above.。 The scope of domestic authoritative scientific research competition is: China International“ Internet+” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition、“ Challenge Cup” National College Student Extra-Academic Science and Technology Works Competition、“ Challenge Cup” China University Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition。

Those who have special academi澳门威尼克斯人网站c experts, Must go through at least3 Recommended by professors related professors related to the school。 Related materials determination time is dead until the year of exemption8 month31 Day( Fixed with the date of the formal document or the winning certificate)

Article 10 Reward of special academic expertise

(21190-21191) Students publicly publish academic papers, Comprehensive results rewards do not exceed2 points。 Specific reward scores are scored by the academic committee of the college according to the dissertation, Take the average score of all the participating experts scores to determine the score of the paper;

( 2) Comprehensive results rewards of the national finals of the domestic authoritative scientific research competition won the first prize and above6 points、 Comprehensive results reward of the second prize4 points、 Comprehensive results rewards of the third prize2 points。

Chapter 5 Quota allocation

Article 11 The number of exemptions for the college issued by the school as the base, Comprehensive refer to the composition of fresh graduates of each major、 Factors such as discipline majors and talent train澳门威尼克斯人网站ing projects, In the case of comprehensive consideration of the development of the school business and the professional characteristics of various colleges, allocate places to various majors, In principle, there should be a distribution quota for all majors。 After the number of exemption plans for the school, Recommended principles for the number of each professional indicator and the remaining indicators from the leadership team。 Graduate support group exemption quota is executed by related documents。

Chapter 6 Recommended program

Article 12 Eligible applicants fill in《 Tianjin University of Science and Technology recommends outstanding graduates of fresh graduates from trying to study for graduate students》, and submit the application form to the college leading team in accordance with time requirements、 Personal self-description and various related certification materials( Return after checking) and photocopy, Related materials determination time is dead until the year of exemption8 month31 Day( Fixed with the date of the formal document or the winning certificate)。 Students hand in the materials before the deadline, 澳门威尼克斯人网站Student registration form and materials are submitted, You must not modify it for any reason。

Article 13 The qualifications of the applicant and the authenticity of the materials submitted by the college exemption work group

Article 14 The specific accounting method of comprehensive results。 Exemptation of comprehensive scores full is divided into100 points, From academic performance、 Quality and development results:, Where: Academic performance account80%, Percent convert from the corresponding score performance point; Quality and development results occupy20%, corresponding to the corresponding“ Comprehensive quality evaluation of undergraduate students at the School of Electronic Information and Automation” Performance of personal basic quality parts and personal development quality parts of the performance part-percentage converts。

Article 15 Learning The Leading Group of the Institute of Exemption to the Leading Group of the Working Leading Group, Determine the list of candidates to be recommended according to the comprehensive performance and recommendation principles of the applicant。

Article 16 Recommended result澳门威尼克斯人网站s on the college website and bulletin board3 Sky。 After the publication is over, there is no objection, The college will be recommended to recommend candidate lists and rankings、 Reported by candidate materials to be recommended。

Article 17 This implementation rules are implemented from the date of announcement, Interpretation rights belong to the leadership group of the School of Electronic Information and Automation, Study decision of the Leading Group for Exemption from the Exemption。

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