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澳门威尼克斯人网站2023 Announcement of Master's Graduate Admissions of the School of Telecommunications

Release Date:2023-04-11

Candidate, About the School of Electronic Information and Automation2023 Annual graduate enrollment adjustment has the following information:

澳门威尼克斯人网站1、 About situation:

Instrument Science and Technology(080400) Full-time is expected to have a shortage, Receive adjustment information will be in2023 Year4 month11 Day16:304 month12 Day12:00 Release of the adjustment system of the Research and Recruitment of the Ministry of Education。


1) The re-test time of this adjustment is4 month14 Day。 Specific retesting arrangements will be on Research Recruitment Network“ Re-examination notification” announcement to the candidate in advance。

2) Re-test location: Tianjin Hexi District Dagu South Road103821145-21156。

3) Re-test method: On-site retest。

3、 College contact information


Contact: Teacher He