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澳门威尼克斯人网站 Notice on hosting the first smart car invitation of Tianjin University of Science and Technology

Release Date:2023-04-12

To strengthen the school's science and technology atmosphere, Exercise students' electronic design ability, The School of Electronic Information and A澳门威尼克斯人网站utomation and Innovation Electronic Lab will be at2023 year4 month30 Day to5 month2 Tianjin University of Science and Technology2023 Annual Smart Car Invitational Tournament。 This competition aims to provide an exchange platform for electronic design enthusiasts in various universities, Promote communication and cooperation between schools。

The relevant matters are notified as follows:

  1. Competition Organization

The organizer: Tianjin University of Science and Technology

The organizer: School of Electronic Information and Automation

  1. Participants


  1. Competition content

Competition group is set up9 One: Negative pressure electromagnetic、 Camera Group、 Solo wheel、 Electric energy relay、 Speed ​​off-road、 Bicycle off-road、 Sound beacon、 Full model and intelligent vision。 All invited school participating teams can freely choose to participate in one or more groups, Each school per group participates in the number of teams without limit。

  1. Registration for the competition:

21116-21124, Please participate in the participating teams of the invitation competition t澳门威尼克斯人网站o fill in the information form of the participating team(21147-21150),21152-211542023 year4 month20 Day24:00 Send it to the mailbox, Email is named“ Smart Car Invitational Tournament- Team name”

  1. Competition time and place

Competition time:2023 year4 month30 Day to5 month2 Day。

Competition location: Tianjin University of Science and Technology of Science and Technology of Hexi Campus University Student Activity Center, the second floor of the University Student Activity Center( The main stadium)、 The main building of HexiD103 and Hexi Stadium。

We sincerely invite teachers、 Students actively participate, Well witnessed this electronic design feast。

  1. Competition process

1) Report

4 month30 Day, Please participate in the team Yu14:00 Report on the first floor of the University Student Activity Center, Signed by the captain to confirm the participation, Draw at the same time to determine the order of the team competition。

2) Submit the model

After the report is completed, Please participate in the guidance of the participants at the scene, Place the running mo澳门威尼克斯人网站del in the specified position。

3) Competition process

The competition is based on negative pressure electromagnetic, Camera Group, Solo wheel, Electric energy relay, The order of the complete model is performed in the main arena, Speed ​​off-road、 Bicycle off-road and sound beaches are synchronized in the stadium, Smart vision in the main buildingD103 Classroom。 The game time is5 month1 Day all day。

4) Receive car mold

After all the game is over, The participating teams receive car molds with the signature of the captain。

5) Post-match communication、 Awards、 photo

After all the game is over, All participating teams take a group photo。5 month2 After the game after the game, Participating teams freely participate。

  1. Contact information

Participating teams and related personnel, please add competition group778901217, If there is a notification or change of the competition, it will be released in the group。

If there are questions about the organization and rules of the game, Please consult the relevant staff in the group in time。

  1. Note

1) To improve the enthusiasm of students participating in e澳门威尼克斯人网站lectronic design, Encourage more participating teams to finish the competition, All groups in this competition are not set up shoulder shoulder, Allow the use of finished circuit board。

2) The rules of the competition refer to the 17th National University Smart Car Competition Rules。

3) Traffic during the competitions of each team、 Come and lodge at yourself。

4) Unexpected matters refer to the rules of the official 18th national university smart car racing competition。

The organizer: Tianjin University of Science and Technology

The organizer: School of Electronic Information and Automation

Innovation Electronic Lab

Blasting Team

2023 year4 month10 Day

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